Katoum Architecture Studio was founded by Katayoun Mashhoudi and Touraj Mirbaha in 2016.. This studio has a responsible approach towards architecture and city planning by criticizing the current form of the architect's presence in the process of defining, forming and implementing architectural and urban planning projects. The studio aims to redefine the relationship between different organs and users of projects . Nowadays the relationship between the quadrilaterals forming the project has been broken; The employer, consultant, builder and users are in a distorted relationship. This issue has caused a disagreement between owners of capital (employers) and the authors of quality (designers); which ultimately damage the users and the city. Katoum Architecture Studio believes that during the shaping of the project, the designer consultant, as the responsible pillar of the project, is obliged to prepare a suitable platform for the advancement of the project by correctly defining the positions, accurate and continuous planning for the project while considering to the quality of the design.​​​​

​no.38, Saman Residential Complex, Shiraz Jonoubi st., Mollasadra st., Tehran, Iran
Phone: +98-21-88038400
Email: info@katoum.com